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Spearmint cleaning spray

Spearmint cleaning spray This week features a relatively quick and straightforward ‘make’ project: my spearmint cleaning spray. It also wobbles in under ‘mend’ tags too because the way I’ve gone about this means that our household consumes less plastic! Yay!

February 2018 State of the Garden

Here is the February 2018 State of the Garden update.

Cold weather on the way

A very cold weather snap is due in the UK over the next few days. This is probably because I declared we didn’t need an extreme weather kit for our chicken coop until next winter. Sorry, everyone, clearly my fault.  In a desperate attempt to win back some sunny weather, I’ve ordered the extreme weather …

grow: pinterest concept board

grow Come on over to our Pinterest grow concept board to have a look at what inspires us visually!   [pin_board url=””]

Less plastic waste in our house: 3 more little steps!

We’ve already talked a bit about our journey to use less plastic, and we gave you some great places to get started by swapping out straws, cooking sauce sachets and bathroom sponges.  A few days ago, Suse committed to not buying any more teabags due to the hidden plastic polymers in heat sealed teabags. Remember, …

Most teabags contain plastic.

So much is going on in our complex and busy world that it is getting a bit hard to startle me. I’m often a bit sad or, worse, resigned about learning something new. But last week I actually managed to feel quite startled to learn that most teabags contain plastic.

One week of chickens

 One week later… It’s been one week since our chickens arrived in our newly constructed chicken zone. In just one week we learned not to mix treat food with layers pellets as they dig out the pellets messily to eat the treat food remembered to put grit out for them marvelled at how well they …

Chicken arrival!

So our chicken plans have actually happened! We are all tremendously excited and so are many of our friends.