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grow: first potato planting, and more!

We have nearly made it to the end of our third month of growing, making and mending. Our first potato planting was on Saturday!

mend: surprise bathroom mini-refurb

It’s been another busy week here. They are all busy weeks. This entire blog is about better living in a busy world after all! This week’s normal amount of being busy was compounded by more bad weather, bringing another hefty dose of snow and cold temperatures. Don’t worry, we didn’t need to move the hens …

make: pizza

Hello and welcome to this week’s Make post, which should be self explanatory from the title. Today it is all about the pizza.

grow: snow chickens

So last week we missed a grow post and since then there have been some clues about how the Great British Snow of 2018 went for us. Without any further ado, now we’ve had some time to recover from it, here is the tale of our Snow Chickens.

mend: reuse fabric

It has been such a busy week for us. The subtitle of our website absolutely describes us:¬†better living in a busy world. This time last week the UK had some deeply unpleasant. During the worst here we were under 10cm of snow, with bitter temperatures down to -6C at night. Worryingly we hadn’t set up …

make: beautifying a project book

Use what you have I love stationery. I was very gleeful when I told Theo that I needed a new A5 project book for work and that meant I could go shopping. “Wait a moment, I’ve got a spare one,” he said, and fished around in a box. He presented me with this. One of …


Soap! Switching to real soap instead of using liquid soap in plastic bottles is ever so easy. You can pick up big brand products at the supermarket, but if you want to get away from big companies and plastic wrappers, here are our personal favourites to do just that.