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grow: second potato planting

It seems like only yesterday I was sitting outside, planting our first potatoes of 2018 while Robin played football enthusiastically on the lawn. And here I am, dutifully reporting that we have now done our second potato planting!

March 2018 State of the Garden

  Hello and welcome to the slightly belated March 2018 State of the Garden post. Delay due to truly awful weather in March and the beginning of April, leading to much catch up. In short we’ve been doing rather than posting lately!

grow, make, mend: 10 busy days

It’s been very quiet up here on the blog but don’t worry, we haven’t quit. We enjoyed 10 busy days off work over the Easter holidays. Those of you who follow along on Instagram will have seen some of the story as it unfolded. Here’s a quick catch up in case you missed it.

make: pickled eggs

I love pickled eggs. There. I’ve said it. Now you can silently judge me and move on to the content of today’s Make post – which, coincidentally, is all about my making pickled eggs.

Patreon launch

We are really proud and excited to share with you that today we launched our crowdfunding page on Patreon. Patreon is a great way for you to subscribe to exclusive material in our Grow, Make, Mend story as it unfolds. Using crowdfunding in this way will help us to change the scale and pace of …