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Week in review: 26 [2019]

Welcome back to week in review, our brief recap of what’s been going on in the Grow, Make, Mend garden (and household) over the last seven days. This week there was a slight social media scheduling fail on Friday so only one photo went out instead of the now usual two. On Saturday we also …

Week in review: 24 [2019]

Welcome to this week’s update review. Well, it’s last week’s update review technically. ¬†Yesterday got so hectic that several things were rescheduled. I thought about writing these ahead of time but actually I don’t want to do that. I want these blog updates to remain ‘live’. Let’s get on with the week in review then.

Week in review: 23 [2019]

Welcome to our second week in review format blog post. Last week I talked about technical changes and our general approach. So this week it’s straight into the updates!

Week in review: 22 [2019]

Week in review Welcome to the first of the new format catch up blog posts: week in review. The number, by the way, is the ISO week number for the week that has just happened. That’s from Monday 27 May to today, Sunday 2 June.