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Week in review: 36 [2019]

I love gardening best at this time of the year. There’s less growing that I hate disturbing. It’s not too hot. I like to be warm, sure, but not overheated. There’s just something about autumn that I love so look forward to seeing some more progress soon!

Week in review: 35 [2019]

September is here, and already the evenings are drawing in more than they were. Our spring purchased chickens are moulting and we are awash in potatoes. Must be autumn!

Summer reprise: week 35 [2019]

It is over. I have made it. I leave the summer holidays of 2019 older, with slightly more white hair, tired, and yet rather satisfied. Last week was the last of the school holiday upheavals. I’ve got some time off work this week to relax and recuperate (aka, paint my patio and do more gardening!). …