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Week in review: 24 [2019]

Welcome to this week’s update review. Well, it’s last week’s update review technically.  Yesterday got so hectic that several things were rescheduled. I thought about writing these ahead of time but actually I don’t want to do that. I want these blog updates to remain ‘live’.

Let’s get on with the week in review then.


For most of the week it just rained. It rained and rained and rained. Some areas in the UK had twice the amount of rain they would normally get in a month, in just two days. In Lincolnshire more than 580 homes have been evacuated. In the article some of those affected by the flooding haven’t been able to get insurance because they are on a flood plain.

This is usually the bit where bloggers laugh it all off by saying that the worst that happened to us was that my mum-in-law’s front drive got torn up by a drain flooding, and we just folded up the rotary washing line and battened down the hatches. Got lots done indoors, hahaha. Climate crisis isn’t actually funny though, not even when it’s other people that bear the brunt. Those living on flood plains, for example.

Our main growing area in the back garden.

This week also saw another technical change in the way I post and blog. On Saturdays, whenever possible, I’m going to try and show a few shots of the garden. Even if it is in a mess. Even if we’ve done nothing all week.


We’ve talked before about zero waste, and how for us that it is a philosophy of zero avoidable waste, or sometimes even just less waste. It is not something that we are militant about. One household doing zero waste perfectly is not going to save the planet. Millions of households doing it imperfectly might start to make some difference.

This week I needed some storage boxes for my wax wraps and my stainless steel measuring spoons.

Ok, I know not everyone will have sticky back plastic going spare.

Instead of rushing out and engaging in retail therapy, I used some sticky backed plastic on some packaging boxes. The little bow on the elastic was unnecessary packaging that turned up with something else.


Some time ago I split the inner thigh of my old denim jeans, and mended it with a patch and some visible mending. These jeans were secondhand when I got them, and they’re my favourite pair. Being my favourite pair means I wear them for gardening and about the house as often as I can. And that means more wear and tear.

Mended my jeans. Again.

This week the other thigh split as well. Luckily I had saved some of the scrap fabric and could easily pick out which embroidery threads I had used. So I was able to repeat the mending.


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