Better living in a busy world

Grow, Make, Mend is our journey towards better living in a busy world.

Who are we?

We are a family in the East Midlands region of England: Suse, Theo and young Robin.

Theo, Suse and Robin
Theo, Suse and Robin

This is our story about how we want to become a more self-sustaining household. So our aim is to generate less waste and being, in general, more eco-friendly.

Many others in our extended friends and family circle also are on different but similar journeys into the future. Over time we hope to share some of their contributions here on the site as well.

What kind of content will there be?

Grow: the chronicles of our food gardening. The evolution of the little bit of land we live on. Including our growth as individuals and as a family towards less plastic, less waste.

Homegrown potatoes, little better!
Homegrown potatoes

Make: hand creation of individual, unique items – sometimes out of reused or recycled materials. (After all, Suse has many years of experience in crafting beautiful, unique items.) Cooking! Making food from scratch is a skill we are out of the habit of. At the same time it can’t take over our lives completely – after all, we’ll need time to food garden as well! 

Making makes me happy
Making makes me happy

Mend: from replacing a button to re-painting our kitchen cabinetry. This category is for when we mend something, reuse or repurpose, or just plain old ‘tidy up and make do’. Sounds like the smallest, most specific category but in reality this ethos should help the most to reduce our waste.

Adult t-shorts recycled and repurposed by turning them into little nightdresses
Adult t-shorts recycled and repurposed by turning them into little nightdresses

Sometimes there will be reflection pieces and links to outside content as appropriate.

The little steps – the little wins – are important to us. They may seem basic changes to some people but in all honesty everyone has to start somewhere. We hope that by talking about this little wins we will help others who just don’t know where to start.

What kind of content won’t there be?

Our journey cannot be one of extremes and we won’t preach those.

Zero-waste or zero-plastic would be a difficult goal  for us without significant changes in the supply chain that brings goods to us at consumer level. Reduction in both waste and plastic use is important to us. We just need to approach it a few sustainable changes at a time.

We will not be militant about mending and making do. If something is dangerous, useless or utterly unnecessary for our household, we’ll try to find the best way of disposing of it. If we need to replace something, we’ll try hard to make it a sustainable replacement.

There will be no insistence that one way of eating is better than another. So here in our house at the moment we are going through a move towards less meat since young Robin has chosen to be mostly-vegetarian. We support all kinds of healthy eating and respect that what works for one person might not work for another. We may feature recipes but that’s more about showcasing our victories than telling you that you should eat that way too.

Lastly, this isn’t a frugal living blog. We aim to make things work out economically but sometimes we will choose quality over cost.

That’s it. Go read the blog.

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