Hello and welcome. Grow, Make, Mend is our journey towards better living in a busy world.

Who we are!

Theo, Suse and Robin
Theo, Suse and Robin

We’re a small family in the East Midlands region of England: Suse, Theo and Robin. We aren’t extraordinary. The adults both work full time hours. Robin goes to mainstream school. We don’t have a great deal of spare money once all the bills are paid.

This isn’t a story about a glamorous, glossy greenwashing kind of household. This is our story. We just want to be a little kinder to our planet. We want to make good decisions that don’t have to involve spending a lot of money. Better living in a busy world.

What is better living in a busy world anyway?

Grow: When we started this blog, it was intended that this would be the chronicles of our food gardening. The evolution of the little bit of land we live on, including our growth as individuals and as a family towards less plastic, less waste. What it has become now is a steady recital of our learning to work with what we have. To reclaim our garden from a neatly manicured lawn into a space that works for us. Letting us find space to grow food in the way that suits us in our own time.

Make: Cooking! Sewing! Knitting! Sticking things together with glue! Nails and hammers! Sometimes it’s simple things like covering a cardboard box to turn it into pleasing and practical storage. Sometimes it’s about larger, ongoing projects.

Mend: from replacing a button to re-painting our kitchen cabinetry. Literally mending things, reusing them or repurposing them, or just plain old ‘make do and mend’.

better living in a busy world: upcycling!
Adult t-shorts recycled and repurposed by turning them into little nightdresses

The little steps – the little wins – are important to us. They may seem basic changes to some people but in all honesty everyone has to start somewhere. We hope that by talking about this little wins we will help others who just don’t know where to start.

What won’t we feature?

Our journey towards better living in a busy world cannot be one of extremes because our life is too busy and way too normal. So we won’t preach about any of those. So for example , zero-waste or zero-plastic would be a difficult goal  for us without significant changes in the supply chain that brings goods to us at consumer level. Reduction in both waste and plastic use is important to us. We just need to approach it a few sustainable changes at a time.

We absolutely will not be militant about mending and making do. If something is dangerous, useless or utterly unnecessary for our household, we’ll try to find the best way of disposing of it. In other words, if we need to replace something, we’ll try hard to make it a sustainable replacement.

For instance, there will be no insistence that one way of eating is better than another. So here in our house we don’t eat a great deal of meat, but we do eat some. We have one mostly-vegetarian. Supporting all kinds of healthy eating is important to us, because we respect that what works for one person might not work for another. Similarly, the blog may feature recipes or meals. However, that’s more about showcasing our own personal happinesses than telling you that you should eat that way too.

Lastly, this isn’t a frugal living blog. We aim to make things work out economically but sometimes we will choose quality over cost.

That’s it. Go read the blog.

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