Photo update!

Less waste, less plastic doesn’t need to be glamorous or difficult. Sure, I could cut and sew and hem pretty cleaning cloths. Or I could just cut the legs off these worn out jersey trousers. They aren’t good enough to donate to charity and frankly I need more cleaning cloths right now. Jersey doesn’t fray and it washes well. #blog #minimumwaste #reducereuserecycle #mend #cleaning #springclean

Photo update!

Inside this posh looking laundry basket lurks a liner of simple cardboard held together with sticky tape. After many years of use the cardboard unsurprisingly gave way. I mended it by opening it up, sticking stronger cardboard inside with spray glue and then sewing it back together. #mend #makedoandmend #reuse #lesswaste #minimumwaste #blog

April 2018 State of the Garden

…and welcome back, after a few busy weeks not blogging, to the April 2018 State of the Garden. I’ve decided not to try and heavily schedule posts – and State updates from now on. We are just so busy that posting three times a week on particular days is a struggle. When I inevitably miss a post it makes me far too despondent.

So from now on, posting here should be more fluid and as a result, more frequent. Let’s see if that works, eh? Continue reading “April 2018 State of the Garden”

grow, make, mend: 10 busy days

It’s been very quiet up here on the blog but don’t worry, we haven’t quit. We enjoyed 10 busy days off work over the Easter holidays. Those of you who follow along on Instagram will have seen some of the story as it unfolded. Here’s a quick catch up in case you missed it. Continue reading “grow, make, mend: 10 busy days”

Patreon launch

We are really proud and excited to share with you that today we launched our crowdfunding page on Patreon.

Patreon is a great way for you to subscribe to exclusive material in our Grow, Make, Mend story as it unfolds. Using crowdfunding in this way will help us to change the scale and pace of our journey. Chickens need feeding. Greenhouses aren’t free.

Please take a moment or two to visit the Patreon website and share the link with your friends even if you don’t subscribe yourself.

We will of course still be blogging here at the main website. Our next two Make and Mend posts are already scheduled for this week so stay tuned.

Chicken says support us on Patreon. No. Really.
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