Week in review: 26 [2019]

Welcome back to week in review, our brief recap of what’s been going on in the Grow, Make, Mend garden (and household) over the last seven days.

This week there was a slight social media scheduling fail on Friday so only one photo went out instead of the now usual two. On Saturday we also did not post the usual garden tour photographs because I was out rebelling in order to raise awareness of the climate crisis. Garden tour photographs for last week will feature throughout Monday (tomorrow) instead.

On with the show. Continue reading “Week in review: 26 [2019]”

Week in review: 25 [2019]

Welcome to week in review, where I look back over the last week of social media posts and add a bit more narrative.

This week has been chaotic. One of our dogs had a seizure, the second in three months. Although she is ok and we are ok, this meant some added stress, rushing home from work early and vets appointments to make sure she was indeed ok.

Theo and Robin were also a bit unwell and although I think that I’ve dodged the illness, I’m a lot tireder than usual. Continue reading “Week in review: 25 [2019]”

Week in review: 24 [2019]

Welcome to this week’s update review. Well, it’s last week’s update review technically.  Yesterday got so hectic that several things were rescheduled. I thought about writing these ahead of time but actually I don’t want to do that. I want these blog updates to remain ‘live’.

Let’s get on with the week in review then. Continue reading “Week in review: 24 [2019]”

The sustainable living journey so far: May 2019

It’s been a bit of a rocky road for this website blog over the last few months. Real life got so busy that some well intentioned plans fell by the wayside for a while. Most of our communication with the outside world about the sustainable living journey so far reverted to Instagram and subsequent feeds onwards to Facebook and Pinterest.

The good news though is that some priorities have been shuffled around. The daily job scenario has changed just enough to buy some more spare time back and, well, the blog is back! Continue reading “The sustainable living journey so far: May 2019”

Photo update!

Our #backyardchickens needed a wind shelter facing away from the alley. Got some willow rods on order to GROW them one but that won’t be ready this season. Using what I already had – an old mini greenhouse! I’ve taken out the wire shelves and some of the internal poles to make it more perchable, and fixed it to the frame of the run. Also moved in some old wood for enrichment. Yes, I spoil them. #grow #mend #reuse #blog

Photo update!

After a precautionary soak in boiling water, I have now replaced the 3 piece plastic and plastic foam #waterfilter in our #tropicalfishtank with loofah. The key to fitting, by the way, is to carve with a bread knife. It certainly functions well enough: let’s see how it goes. Internet research says a few months before it needs to go in the compost but of course this is not a widely publicised use for it. #zerowaste #blog #lessplastic #thinkdifferently

Photo update!

Last year we switched to #vinegar mix #cleaningspray and haven’t looked back. Nor have we died from plague, as leading commercial cleaner adverts would like to imply! We have been scenting it with essential oils, spearmint for choice. Today I’ve started an experiment to see if soaking orange peel in the undiluted vinegar really does scent it. Day 1. 568ml of white vinegar (bought in a glass bottle for choice). 1 orange peel ( which will be added to as more are eaten!) #zerowaste #mend #reuse #reduce #blog