February 2018 State of the Garden

Here is the February 2018 State of the Garden update.

Purple flowers.
Spring is determined to arrive, despite the cold weather.

February 2018 State of the Garden

In the January 2018 State of the Garden update, I brought you all up to date with our relatively brief history with this garden. And I promised a scale drawing.

So without further ado, here is our garden. Each square represents half a metre. You can click on the image to see a larger version.

Our garden map.
Click to see larger!

You can see that we’ve got lots of space to work with even if our starting point as of January was pretty much square one.


We’ve got so much space to work with and lots of competing priorities.

Creating a food garden is really high on our agenda. At the same time we have to remember that we have busy lives. We can’t dedicate ourselves 100% to gardening the whole time. It’s really important that we keep some space for family too: the trampoline and swing area are fixtures until young Robin grows out of the trampoline entirely.

Swing zone and trampoline.
The ‘play’ zone covers the swings on the decking and trampoline at minimum.

We also want to keep some lawn for picnics and football practice.

Since the last State of the Garden the play parachute has gone back out on the trampoline, to provide sun shade and drizzle protection. It was taken down and stored during the winter as the weather was too bad.

Last year I was really struggling to know where to start. The garden is mature, it’s been this way for a long time. In lots of ways last year it still felt like someone else’s garden. It wasn’t until we took out the trees and put in fences that we felt we really started to own it.

So we’ve decided to carve up the garden into zones and deal with one at a time. Not quite in isolation: we need to be mindful that the whole works as well as the parts.

Chicken Zone

Our lovely ladies have been with us for three weeks now. We have learned a lot in that short time and focused really hard on being good chicken owners. Our starting point in terms of equipment was pretty good: we’ve added a few things since then, which we’ll talk about later.

After considering our options we have decided to move the fixed run every 2 or 3 weeks. Essentially this means considering the chicken zone in two separate halves. This will give the ladies fresher ground regularly and give the grass time to recover each time.

Aerial view of our allocated chicken area.
The chicken zone!

The rest of the garden

Having the scale map of the garden allows us to make plans and theorise about our options.

Hot on the work agenda at the moment is picking a site for our permanent composting bay. We have been experimenting with mesh panels left over from an old chicken run, but are yet to make a full decision as to placement.

Main view of our back garden for the February 2018 State of the Garden.
February 2018 State of the Garden. At least the sun is out!

A more theoretical item is making a decision about what to do with our ‘patio’ area – surrounded by a low brick wall it used to be a dwarf wall greenhouse. I’m sure we’ll focus on that in a post in the future.

And there we have it – the February 2018 state of the garden!









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