grow, make, mend: 10 busy days

It’s been very quiet up here on the blog but don’t worry, we haven’t quit. We enjoyed 10 busy days off work over the Easter holidays. Those of you who follow along on Instagram will have seen some of the story as it unfolded. Here’s a quick catch up in case you missed it.

Chickens on our decking.
Some of our chickens enjoying the sun during our 10 busy days.

10 busy days

In roughly chronological order, here goes.

For pictures, head over to Instagram!

Our garden hose pipe was 40 metres of sprawling, tangled and treacherous trip hazard. We finally stumped up the funds to get a wheeled hose cart so that it could be neatly rolled up next to the tap when not in use. The cart can be disconnected from the tap. In the winter we can store the whole thing in the garage to prevent the pipe freezing. We also replaced the spray head. Being frozen over this last winter wrecked the old one, sadly.

Made a second batch of pickled eggs. This time I got 30 eggs into a 2 litre jar. Still can’t tell you what they’re like. Batch 1 isn’t due to be opened until at least 17th April. Which is still not yet.

Robin and I finally made it to our introductory chicken keeping day, the first one held this spring. We handled hybrid hens which were absolutely enormous compared to our little bantams. It was good to have lots of things confirmed for us and we learned a few new things as well.

The chicken feed station in the garage had become a bit cluttered due to my shoving things in out of the poor weather recently. The weather did perk up a bit during our holiday so I got that all sorted out and cleaned up again. Remembered to resort out the containers so that the grit (as in, the really heavy one) was on the bottom.

Crockery & Geraniums

Picked up some vintage crockery from a local seller for not terribly much money. I most of all wanted the Roselle Midwinter tea pot and the rest of it (including more Roselle, which I am now totally in love with). I wasn’t entirely sure what to do with the rest of it but as luck would have it, I ordered 170 geranium plug plants and suddenly needed somewhere to plant lots of those indoors. Hey presto – my bedroom windowsill is now full of lovely vintage cups and saucers full of geraniums. Picture to follow soon.

The First Great Sourdough Experiment began. The first fermenting was slow because I didn’t keep it warm enough. By day four it was showing promise, when it all ended abruptly. Like an idiot I put it in a sealed NutriNinja cup to whisk it up to get some more air in it, and the lid absolutely stuck with the pressure. Had to put the whole lot in the bin. Absolute idiot.

The Second Great Sourdough Experiment is on day 2 now. I’ll talk more about that another time if I don’t manage to kill this one in some random way…

Taping stuff back together

I mended the play parachute that goes over Robin’s trampoline as a drizzle protector and sun shade. The heavy snow ripped it a few weeks ago. I put it back up, went to bed, got up and stared in amazement as more snow had arrived unexpectedly. Thank goodness this time no damage!

One of the storms last winter trashed our mini greenhouse. The wind blew it down the garden, into the shed…twice. Even though I put bricks put on the bottom layer after the first time. Fortunately most of the damage was cosmetic. After a good wash and putting back together, only a few of the plastic joint connectors needed heavy duty duck tape to hold it together. Now back up in a much more sheltered position with a crap ton of logs on the bottom to hold it in place. Fingers crossed.

Making stuff with other stuff

I used a roll of wire fencing and some metal garden posts to create two new big compost bays, because our little black compost bin in the far corner got totally full up.

I used some craft card and stamps to pretty up a transparent ring binder so that we have a recipe folder. Now to remember to fill it up!

It was obvious by the time I got to the toe narrowing that my test sock was way too big. After some consideration, I got some smaller needles and have started a new test sock. This time it looks much more in proportion. Updates to follow!

Other stuff

The overcrowded hallway coat hooks were a right pain. I put up new hooks for Robin’s bags. Problem solved.

The arm that holds the shower head had broken and the head was constantly drooping down. We got a new one and after some fiddling about, managed to replace it. All good.

And there! We are all up to date. All of our earlier changes in lifestyle are still sustainable. Tuesday is now usually homemade (from scratch) pizza day. Lots more to do. Especially in the garden. But we are doing really well.

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