grow: second potato planting

It seems like only yesterday I was sitting outside, planting our first potatoes of 2018 while Robin played football enthusiastically on the lawn. And here I am, dutifully reporting that we have now done our second potato planting!

Second potato planting

Our second round of potato planting consisted of 10 British Queen seed potatoes. Planted in the same way as the first (compost in polypots), this brings our potato container tally to 20.

I moved the pots from the far left of the garden to the far right. They are now in a cluster near the new compost bays instead of in a stretched out line against the fence. There were two reasons for the move.

Second potato planting done
Our potato planting so far

The first reason is that the right hand side of the garden, I suppose properly the western side of the garden, gets more light and warmth early on in the day. After midday, when things get baking on a truly good day, the fence gives them some respite from the direct light.

The second reason is that by the compost bays I see the pots more often as I am walking to and fro from the garage or seeing to our lovely chickens. Currently our potatoes are our only food crop and so I am not yet in the habit of checking whether our spuds need watering. If I see the pots, I’m more likely to take care of them.

Red Duke of York

Our first early potato planting was of a variety called Red Duke of York. I keep mistyping this as Red Duck!

Potato leaves just sprouting out of compost
Red Duke of York potato foliage

Our Red Dukes went into the compost about 26 March, so  I’d say about 3 weeks until these pictures were taken. Here are their lovely tips peeking out.

Potato leaves.
This is about 3 weeks after planting.

One lovely weekend later

We had really balmy weather here last week. Three glorious days of summery heatwave (yes, in April) followed by lots of rain in a very short period.

Clearly our potatoes loved that weather! Look at this picture taken today! They are just bursting out of the tops of the pots now.

Potatoes growing in polypots
No prizes for guessing that our first earlies are in the two rows closest to the camera.

Tomorrow I’m going to have to make an emergency compost trip!

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