March 2018 State of the Garden


Hello and welcome to the slightly belated March 2018 State of the Garden post. Delay due to truly awful weather in March and the beginning of April, leading to much catch up. In short we’ve been doing rather than posting lately!

Near the trampoline

Everything is finally sprouting and growing leaves.

Garden update.
March 2018 State of the Garden: we have some potatoes and elephant garlic growing.

Our first potato planting has taken place. They are in the black polypots near Robin’s trampoline, currently lined up neatly by the fence. The Red Duke of York potatoes are just starting to sprout above the compost now. They will need earthing up soon.

Tiny potato sprouts.
Potatoes just beginning to sprout.

We have the smallest outdoor herb garden ever. Four plants in a planter, waiting for some proper attention and space.

Four herb pots in a planter.
A very small herb garden.

Near the steps going up to the decking we have some elephant garlic growing in a lively manner.

Tubs of elephant garlic growing.
Elephant garlic sprouting.

Central zone

The central zone of our garden is very cluttered at the moment. The chickens have been displaced from their usual zone while the ground recovers. The very poor weather we had lately made them waterlogged and way too muddy.

Medium term I think it will be best to ditch the fence and the fixed run attached to the Eglu Cube coop. Instead I will be looking into getting or building a walk in run with wood chippings on the ground.

The decorative cherry tree in the middle has finally stirred from winter slumber and is clad all in fresh green little leaves. Robin has been den building underneath it, and playing football. The swingball has been displaced by the chickens.

In short, it’s a mess!

A messy garden.
Cluttered middle zone of our garden.

Our chickens all continue to do well. Rizzo and Maeve have gone broody on us. They spend most of their time huddled in the nest box, plucking their belly bare and stealing eggs from the other hens to sit fruitlessly on. We lift them out often so they can cool down and get something to eat and drink.

Broody hens in a nest box.
Two broodies in the nest box.

Side zone

Normally this is the chicken zone but not while the ground recovers. I need to do some research into walk in runs, though I hope to shift the current setup back over in the next week.

During our recent time off work we built two lovely new compost bays near the concrete pad. The previous enclosed bin is way at the end of the garden. This new location means that we can take our kitchen scraps out staying on a concrete path, which will make all the difference. Previously the compost was mostly greens (grass clippings) so was slimy and smelled. Now that we have the chicken bedding to add regularly, I think we will get a better balance.

Side zone of our garden.
Chicken zone. Currently without chickens.

The concrete pad itself is looking much better now that we have reconstructed the broken mini-greenhouse. We also used up most of the grey mesh fence roll on the new compost bays. The garden hose now lives on a neat hose cart too. Getting tidier!

What’s next?

There’s a large tidy up due, in fact, we’re overdue a tip run to empty out the garage and shed. More potatoes are due to go in pots soon as well.

We may not get to any truly exciting stuff until later in the year – which means we’ll have missed planting out this season. Next spring I hope to be planning and planting climbing vegetables. Beans, peas, climbing small squash… for those we need some arches over the path. This means infrastructure needs to go in this year.

And I’ll be researching a walk in run option too.

Thanks for joining us for the March 2018 State of the Garden. Stay tuned for more updates, and keep watching Instagram for pictures that won’t be posted here on the blog!


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