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It’s a cold rainy day. It seems so hard to remember the drought and water restrictions last summer: but I need to prepare for the same again else we may struggle to water our crops as we increase what we #grow.

This morning I made some time to take some measurements and look properly for the first time as to where our down pipes are at the back of the house, which is where all the growing will be happening. The main roof only has one, which comes down by the alley: making it unhelpfully located for #rainwaterharvesting . It does pass right by the flat roof that serves as a balcony though! So I could put 2 interlinked 200l butts up there. The water pressure would be great but not sure if turning it on and off will be a massive effort. Mainly this idea seems dubious due to the weight factor: water is heavy.

Moving on: the small roof down pipe is by a clematis arch and seats that we actually don’t use. I’m thinking that’s the prime site for some interlinked butts.

Did you know in the UK that some councils provide subsidised water butts and compost bins? Have a look at getcomposting.com – our postcode gives us access to 200l water butts at £30 each (and discounts for multiples of 2) complete with diverted kits, taps and stands. They also sell kits to connect butts for £6 in my area – I worked out last night that I could daisychain together and store 800l of rainwater for about £120.

I can’t find any cheaper way of getting that much storage in one go unless I get a food grade IBC carrier (1000l) – but that doesn’t include a diverter and the only reasonable place out the back to put it is currently not near a down pipe. I’d need to get some guttering work done to enable the IBC and that’s not in scope yet.

So although it seems a shame to ignore the main roof for now, I’m going to focus on doing something affordable and achievable. #blog #sustainability

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