September to November 2019


So that happened!

Here’s a brief catch up.


Making apple rings cost me several weeks of temporary incapability.

The unplanned hiatus started when I cut my thumb. It was a really, really stupid error. I was using a mandolin slicer to cut very thin apple rings. I was experimenting with drying apple rings in the oven. Long story short, I shook hands with danger, and danger cut an inch long, half inch deep gash in my thumb. To compound the issue, it was my right thumb, and I am a touch typist.

So I spent much of September, and some of October, being slow at work, being slow at home, and being unable to do much that required either fine dexterity or dirty and/or wet hands.

Goodbye, September!


All my compost bins are full….

By October, my hand had recovered enough that I could work in the garden with gloves on to cover the dressing. I spent a lot of my gardening hours in the front garden – which routinely doesn’t make it onto the blog because it’s neglected and awful – clearing down a very overgrown hedge section.

My compost bins are now full. I need to think about what I’m going to put in place for next year, and where. I’ve got three old fence panels hanging around: I think I’ll use those to make a big compost bay for garden waste like this, leave the round bins for the lawn clippings and the chicken bedding.


Most of November has been rain.

Between then and now, Theo came out and gave me a hand (literally, haha!) to get the pond sorted out. We’ve had the pond liner and concrete waterfall sections all year ready to make an overflow for the waterbutts.

Getting the pond in was slowed down by finding a layer of thick clay about a foot and a half down. That made it much, much harder to get the hole dug and I’m not ashamed to say that the pond liner has also clearly gone in slightly not level. There’s a bit of deliberate madness to that though: it’s been created to overflow and create a muddy bog garden.

We also got some pond and bog garden plants in – all British native plants. I’ve already seen some birds drinking at the pond – not just our chickens either! So I’m really looking forward to seeing how it beds in over the winter and spring.

Back to the future

It was great to have a holiday from the blog, even if it was an unplanned one. The break reminded me that this is discretionary effort and the fact that I’ve come back to it now suggests that it is something that I enjoy and want to keep doing.

As usual, most of the Grow, Make, Mend material will appear on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest so that you can like and follow us on your social media page of choice.

While the growing and gardening season is slow, there will be less material. It would be nice to post two pictures a day every day but frankly I’m going to run out of material very quickly at this time of year. So just tune in and follow along. Remember you’re seeing just one part of my very full life.


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