Week in review: 22 [2019]

Week in review

Welcome to the first of the new format catch up blog posts: week in review. The number, by the way, is the ISO week number for the week that has just happened. That’s from Monday 27 May to today, Sunday 2 June.

Technical changes

Anyone who has been with us on our journey before this week will know that this blog has had a slightly checkered showing to date. Launched January 2018, it was the original showcase for our journey. And then I got real busy at work.

(You’ll remember of course that this household is 2 adults 1 young person. Both adults work full time hours each week.)

Wish this was the normal approach instead of weedkiller.

There was a real risk for a while that this showcase would just fade away. We would get too busy in the doing to remember to share our journey. No, it isn’t always easy to live sustainably in the UK when you partake of all the joys of full time working, mortgages, budget considerations, time pressures. But yes, this kind of journey can work. Even if you find yourself as stressed and chaotic as we sometimes become! And I really believe it’s important to talk about these things, to normalise these positive changes, and hopefully help others to make great choices too. So I kept on with Instagram, with an autolink to a FaceBook page too.

So what’s happened now?

Simply – we aren’t as chaotic now. I’ve got more opportunity to choose where I spend my discretionary effort and that’s now going to be here at home where it really matters.

Measuring for a greenhouse. This one picture shows you that we still have a lot to do in our garden before I can really say we’re on top of all the space we have.

I’ve also made some changes to the way we continually share pictures on social media. In the past we used to post ‘live’ and spontaneously, which led to lots of pictures in a short period of time but then quite a drought until the next one. We’re now posting twice a day on a schedule with Hootsuite. Currently unless I change anything on the fly, I’m scheduled up until next Thursday morning. This may seem irrelevant but actually that has freed up more time than I thought it would.

We are just people doing the best we think we can at this time and at this place in our lives

I don’t usually talk about the technical stuff but I think that it’s important now and then to remind anyone viewing this that Grow, Make, Mend is not a company. We aren’t a corporate endeavour. At the moment we have zero sponsorship and are not monetising any of our work. This is voluntary work that we undertake in our free time.

We will be increasing our opportunities to do this in the future through use of affiliate links, Etsy and Patreon. Any proceeds will go straight into our journey towards better living. Anything that we might make through this channel will be accounted for transparently. No holidays, no cheeky takeaways. (Being honest though, we don’t expect to make much, if anything!)

Fresh pasta that we made ourselves, frozen and then cooked. Mmmmm.

Week in review: what to expect

Our week in review posts going forward will take three or four pictures that have gone out on social media. I’ll talk about them in a bit more detail than the Twitter character limit allows me to.  And there will of course be a new photo that hasn’t gone out before.

Here is this week’s previously unseen photo. In which I demonstrate again that it’s not always hugely time consuming to cook a meal mostly from scratch.

Week in review is also where we’ll let you know if there’s any extra content on Patreon.

Don’t forget that we are now continually on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest so that you can like and follow us on your social media page of choice.

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