Week in review: 23 [2019]

Welcome to our second week in review format blog post. Last week I talked about technical changes and our general approach. So this week it’s straight into the updates!


The chicken run set up has been stable for some time now. Mostly because I’ve been so busy getting the raised beds in during the first part of this year. Also because it worked pretty well.

This week I’ve gone back and reviewed a few items. The old bamboo slat screening that found a second lease of life as a weather alleviator has been moved down to the end nearest the coop. Finally got round to hanging the feed and water off the ground.

Our chickens inspecting the new layout.

Next week I need to spend a bit of time with the living willow chicken shelter. It’s growing like crazy but the chickens do keep disrupting the dome roof by climbing on it.


Bread. Of all the things we’ve shouted about proudly on social media this week, I’m most proud of the bread.

We both work full time hours and support young Robin who is in full time education. Our commutes are not long but they do exist and we pack our time full of quality activities and hobbies. So time is precious.

The bread maker allows us to make fresh, homemade bread that is not ultra-processed the way that industrialised bread is. There are no preservatives. There is no palm oil. I find it really shocking just how much shop bought bread has palm oil in it these days. For the record, I don’t believe that there is such a thing as truly sustainable palm oil. I also don’t believe that bread needs palm oil in it.

This bread is fresh and has no palm oil in it.

Making the rolls with the bread maker means that the dough gets a first knead and rise in the machine. I then take it out, cut it into pieces and leave it for a second rise in a warm oven before a quick 15 minute bake.


I was so excited when our new organic cotton wax wraps arrived this week. I’ve been wanting some for ages but not been able or willing to put the money on them until now. These are gorgeous and will support us in become more and more plastic free as our ageing Tupperware needs replacing.

Yes, I have been going round and wrapping random things in wax wraps this week. And?

I chose The Beeswax Wrap Company as our preferred option for several reasons. I’ve been watching their activity on social media for a long time now, probably nearly as long as they’ve been going. It’s a small business here in the UK that uses organic cotton, supports British bees and British beekeepers, and really seems to give a damn about the environment. All the packaging is 100% recycled card and paper and can all be recycled again. They now do refresher blocks to keep the wraps going even longer than their normal lifespan. They really do just seem to want to sell to me the once. I like that. I like that a lot.

I want to be really clear now that this is not a sponsored post. I have purchased the wraps just like any other customer would, even though I’m blogging about them now.


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