Week in review: 27 [2019]

Another week has done what it often does and gone straight into the past with barely a ‘by your leave’.

Let’s have a quick look at some of the things that made it onto social media this week, and of course, one new thing that didn’t.

This week’s new photo is… Potted Hen! Ramone is clearly telling us that the dirt in their dirtbath needs refreshing.


The Saturday tour photos show that our Dunluce first early potatoes are practically kneeling at the feet of the Golden Wonders. Golden Wonders are by far and away much taller! This week coming I’m going to have a poke around in some containers and see whether we’re coming up to eating our own potato season.

Dunluce in the containers around the raised beds on the left, Golden Wonders going for the jungle look on the right.


The social media posts have ended up a bit out of balance this week. I’ve been making away like crazy. That second sock is past the heel and working on the gusset. I made a new big batch of vegetarian burgers to freeze. Theo made a big batch of homemade strawberry ice-cream.

I’ve got photos but for some reason I’ve put them into the queue for next week.So you’re going to have to wait a few more days to see them. In the meantime there is no featured Make photo this week! Shocking.


It’s been a busy kind of week on the mending front. I managed to pressure wash part of the deck and patio, ready to get some new non slip paint onto it this month. Digging around in the garage I came across some half used tins of emulsion which were promptly used up in a mini refurb of the back porch. But I think the thing I want to talk about during this week in review post is working on the chicken run.

Back to stitching wire up with wire!

When we did the big chicken run move last year, the end part where the coop tunnel sticks out was rather hastily wired into place. Partly because I was running out of time for that project at that time. Partly because I was frankly sick of stitching wire up with other wire. So this week I got out there and tidied some of it up.

We really love our happy chickens.


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