Week in review: 28 [2019]

And I blinked and another seven days have trundled past. This week we were a little short on social media posts. Some out-of-the-ordinary things at work happen. This meant that I “lost” some time that would otherwise have been used for documenting our journey. Our journey never stops, you see. The chickens get fed every day, eggs get collected, the garden gets watered, projects get started, finished or continued. It’s just the documenting and the broadcasting that slips due to necessity.

Speaking of which, here’s advance notice that next week there will be no garden tour or weekly update. I’m abandoning my family to go on a two day running event. Because even bloggers have lives too!

This week’s previously unseen photo is of our climbing French beans, which are hauling their way up over the arch now.


Garlic harvest. First ever.

As usual, our eyes have been bigger than our belly when it came to buying seed this year. We have still managed to increase our output this year though. Last year it was chickens and potatoes (yes, I know chickens aren’t a crop, but you know what I mean!). The chickens took much more work to get settled in than I’d anticipated. Which, you will remember, entailed removing an entire shed full of what turned out to be mostly rubbish.

This year so far we’ve added garlic, peas (accidentally but they count!), climbing French beans and some salad leaves now cheerfully sprouting away. The potato planting was easily doubled this year as well.

Next year I have to set aside some different space for the potatoes. Putting them all alongside the raised beds seemed efficient from a watering perspective but in reality I’m now struggling to access the beds. Next year definitely a different plan.


Home made vegetarian burgers.

This is our third batch of making home made vegetarian burgers. They don’t in the slightest remind us of eating meat, which is actually just fine. We don’t eat them because we want to eat meat. We eat them because actually we don’t need to eat as much meat as advertising might suggest we do (and certainly nowhere near as much processed meat), but we’d still like something in patty format to go in our bread rolls.

Our veggie burgers contain mushroom, onion, garlic, thyme, parsley, rolled oats, dates, chickpeas, haricot beans, soy sauce, rice and feta cheese. Boom! That’s a meal in a patty. We could easily leave out the feta cheese to make them vegan as well.

I make these en masse, too, because it’s an afternoon work to make 34 of them to freeze up but they last for ages then.


Secondhand and preloved things are amazing.

For some of my childhood, I lived in poverty. I’m talking about charity hampers at Christmas poor. For a long time after I grew up and started work, I really bought into the retail therapy thing. It was simply very nice to be able to buy new things. Sometimes I still buy new things by preference because of their nature: things with batteries, things that have the capacity to have been a bit wrecked.

I still buy some clothes secondhand although sometimes I will invest in a new item that will last. And of course, I try to avoid fast fashion wherever possible now.

I also accept many secondhand gifts from family and friends. Sometimes it’s because they don’t quite know what to do with it, and I know that between Facebook groups and Freecycle I’ll be able to rehome it for them easily. Sometimes I’m very pleased to receive and keep items. This week it was this lovely metal tin to house my growing seed collection.


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