Week in review: 33 [2019]

Short update this week: school holidays + working full time biting a bit more than usual. But! An update none the less.

This week’s previously unseen photo

Vintage – old fashioned – perfectly useful.

We cooked a meal this week with lots of processes and quite a few ingredients that needed grating, chopping, shredding before use. Oh, and juicing. Our cupboards didn’t prove wanting. These stainless steel compartmented trays came in handy, and so did the old juicer.



We have a potato foliage forest and are harvesting green beans like there is no tomorrow. About to pull some perpetual spinach (chard) today. However today I’m showcasing our basil – grown in the back porch because we hope to raise it to tender perennial status over time.


All wound back due to pattern error!

I made good progress with my oversize shawl. Too good, it turned out. I missed a subtle pattern change and then didn’t quite count the rows correctly when I tried to wind it back to the error point. Either that or the error was much worse than I thought.

So I’ve now wound it all back and started over. Starting over is often quite therapeutic.


Consumer pressure works.

I know quite a few people who believe that capitalism and climate change are intrinsically linked. Historically I can believe that some private companies or individuals have made special effort to conceal climate change from the average person.

I also believe that consumer pressure and changing buying habits en masse can have a positive effect on climate change. When enough people stopped buying teabags with plastic in, policies changed and suddenly a plastic free teabag was suddenly no longer impossible. Consumerism serves the consumer. Let’s all do what we can to consume responsibly when we can.


I am winding down the relatively short experiment that was Patreon. While it was a neat idea it’s not the right direction for us at the moment. The effort to maintain the Patreon portal by far outweighs the benefit of the same time spent actually growing, making and mending.

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