Week in review: 35 [2019]

September is here, and already the evenings are drawing in more than they were. Our spring purchased chickens are moulting and we are awash in potatoes. Must be autumn!

This week’s previously unseen photo

I’m not ashamed to say that I ran out into the garden in my slippers to get this photo.

We’ve seen some different butterflies this year, including this beautiful Painted Lady just in the last week. As the caption says, I’m not ashamed to admit that I saw this from my window and rushed out in my slippers to take this lovely photograph.


It’s taken some years to finally grow some humorous veg.

All of the first early potatoes – Dunluce variety – are now up out of the containers. I think this may be the last year that I grow spuds in the small containers. They are hard to keep moist without constant watering and yet again we’ve got quite a scabby first early crop.

But on the plus side we got another 12 kilos of potato before even touching the main crop. And! Look! Humorous veg! A heart shaped potato! Yay!

Make & Mend

Half the patio = finally sorted.

After pressure washing this year, this half of the patio – or decking – or whatever you want to call it – has finally been sorted out properly. Two coats – count them, I did! – of proper decking paint. Drainage holes drilled underneath the swing seat where the water usually pools and creates big algae lakes. And a proper swing seat for the location that the grown ups in the house have been out using just as much as Robin has.

It’s both the Make and the Mend photo for this week in review. The painting took maybe six or seven hours over two sessions. So much time! Importantly though it is now done.


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