Week in review: 36 [2019]

I love gardening best at this time of the year. There’s less growing that I hate disturbing. It’s not too hot. I like to be warm, sure, but not overheated. There’s just something about autumn that I love so look forward to seeing some more progress soon!


This week’s previously unseen photo. Love the loofah curls.

The loofah plants stalled for months and then flowered suddenly: I don’t know if they’ll produce now. I’ve seen a bee in the front garden quite a bit, not sure if it’s a bumble or a miner but it’s going down behind the compost bin a lot. So the loofah had some chance of pollination I suppose. This is the first time I’ve tried them – my understanding is that they need to mature before the frost. We’ll see what happens. But I do love the curly tendrils that they produce.

We’re winding down on the harvest now. All the first early potatoes are out and the foliage is dying back on the main crop so they’ll be taken out of the containers soon as well. I’ve blanched and frozen literally kilos of green beans from our nine brave strong Blue Lake French climbing bean plants. So I’ve decided to let the rest of the harvest mature into haricot beans to see how that process works and how many more plants I’ll need to plan for next year!

Make More Grow

The backyard chickens!

I’m working on that oversized shawl and still cooking from scratch (including pizza, yay!) but I neglected to post any Make pictures in the last week so I’m not going to cheat.

Instead you get a second Grow picture highlight in the background of which you can see that we’re starting to get the run ready for less favourable weather. The blue feeder trough made over the summer is a total hit with both birds and humans so that’s been moved up close to the weather protected tunnel directly in front of the coop. I need to spend some time and tidy up the dirt baths too. At the moment they are mostly dirt bathing when they’re free ranging, since there’s a big pile of earth from the pond digging and the potato container emptying.


I mended this.

I mended this failed seam this week. Not an invisible mend because I was in a hurry – you can probably figure out I was wearing this when I realised it had a hole! A few more things in my mending basket. A job for the darker evenings indoors.


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