Waterbutt madness

Waterbutt madness

I was trying to think of a sassy but funny strapline for this post, then I figured that anything more risque than ‘Waterbutt madness’ might set up false expectations. What can I say? It’s early evening, it’s been a long day, my eyes are tired. Soon I’ll be playing a board game. But right now I’m setting out my stall for a post all about rainwater.

Butts everywhere

All the four waterbuts from the lineup in the back garden are in dismantled pieces on my lawn. There’s a couple of reasons for this.

  • It’s about time cleaning happened
  • One of them was slightly wonky and not only dripped but annoyed me
  • I want to fit a 360 litre wheelie bin into the chain for cold water immersion therapy for stress


I put these waterbutts in a couple of years ago, with some Freshadiscs (on the grounds that the marketing said they’d help reduce algae).

Because I fitted them in a chain, with overflow running from top to top, I always expected the ones closest to the downpipe to have the most debris. And it turns out that I was right to do so. Butt 1 and 2 had the most leaves in. Butt 1 had the most soil – I have been a little behind on the cleaning out of the upper gutter. (I sorted that out this week!) Same distribution of algae. Butts 3 and 4 were fairly clean.

Waterbutt madness fail

One of the butts (number 2) had started to lean slightly once full. This caused the water level to slop up to the rim when it was very full. Then it would drip. I can’t begin to describe how much that annoyed me.

It won’t be doing that when I put them back together again.

Cold water wheelie

This either will sound insane to you, or brave. The reality of cold water immersion for stress relief is about equal parts of both. A month and a half ago I would have agreed wholehearted with what a hokum kind of non-remedy it was. But then I spent a month attempting to – among other good habits – have a cold shower every morning.

I hate cold showers. Hate them. But I love the effect that cold water has on me, and I didn’t really want to spend the thick end of three hundred quid on a tricked out whiskey barrel. (Good job I didn’t, turns out one of my dogs needs a sixty quid harness to walk safely in public!) So I got a wheelie bin. One of the BIG ones.

It’s not in this picture. Currently it’s sheltering in the relative warm in my back porch. Along with all the fittings. It will be in future updates. Go look up ‘Wim Hof’. No, he’s not here himself. But look up his methods.

Next steps

This weekend I’ll be reconnecting, straightening, drilling, fitting and filling. Four 200 litre waterbutts, plus the 360 litre bin for dunking in. I’ll also be fitting a filter to the incoming waterpipe, and thinking of what I can put over the little holes in the lids to stop snails falling in and drowning. I’m a kind person, me.

Waterbutt madness

Waterbutt madness

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