Better living in a busy world

Better living in a busy world: scene from our garden after allowing it to become more natural.

Better living in a busy world

The modern world, at least, in the Western culture where I live, seems to have moved on dramatically in the last few decades. Online this, e-that, digital activity that sometimes feels ephemeral. This is a short story about how I came to find myself seeking better living in a busy world.

Originally I come from a long line of agricultural labourers. My parents owned a strawberry farm, before local railway lines closed and my dad went into gamekeeping instead. I was raised mostly outdoors, with pheasants and rabbits and dogs and Landrovers.

The world changes. My world changed. As a young adult I found myself in office work in big cities. I forgot what it felt like to get dirt under my nails from gardening. The smell of rain on parched soil and the sound of the wind in the woods faded under the smell of traffic and the sound of neighbours.

Time moved on. I moved on.

As a middle aged adult I found myself with my husband staring at the enormous, chemically treated and immaculate lawn in the back garden of the house we had just moved into. The place we’d just moved from had only had a small concrete yard. We wanted to return it to a state closer to nature, without chemicals.

At the same time we were making more eco-friendly decisions. This isn’t a zero waste journey. It’s something much more custom.

So in 2018 I started Grow, Make, Mend to chronicle this slow journey towards a more eco-conscious and productive lifestyle.

You can see the ethos, broken down word by word, on our main page.

Grow, Make, Mend: Fresh vegetables from our own kitchen garden.

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