Reflections on the weather

Reflections on the weather, and other assorted climate change. It’s a very hot weekend here in the Midlands of the UK. Today’s weather forecast is predicting a high temperature of 30C, which is not usual for this area. It’s already 24.5C indoors in our kitchen, despite the fact we’ve opened all the windows and closed… Continue reading Reflections on the weather


We’ve been doing a lot of nesting since the pandemic started. Not in the traditional ‘preparing for a baby’ sense. But generally, in the sense of ‘suddenly we live in our house 99.9% of the time and we need it to look or feel or work differently’. Maybe it should be more like ‘feathering our… Continue reading Nesting

Flock of starlings

I sat down to write this update and as I did so saw a whole flock of starlings fly across our back garden and land on our fence. There was a mad session of them flying down to the small nature pond to drink, and then they were away. I was very lucky to get… Continue reading Flock of starlings

Waterbutt madness

I was trying to think of a sassy but funny strapline for this post, then I figured that anything more risque than ‘Waterbutt madness’ might set up false expectations. What can I say? It’s early evening, it’s been a long day, my eyes are tired. Soon I’ll be playing a board game. But right now… Continue reading Waterbutt madness

Ready steady grow!

I’ve emptied the polytunnel and tested the sprinklers: it’s about time to ready, steady, grow! The Weather It’s been cold here. This time last year it was warm and the wisteria over the back decking was in full bloom. This year there’s just the first small handful of flowers. When I say ‘cold’ I mean… Continue reading Ready steady grow!

Wrong tool for the job

So it’s Thursday, I have the day off work, so I do some weeding in the polytunnel: but with the wrong tool for the job. Goodbye, broken trowel. Hello, blistered hand. Hello world So you’ll all remember that we put the polytunnel up during last year, you know, mid pandemic year here in the UK.… Continue reading Wrong tool for the job

22 April 2021

22 April 2021. Hello again, world. New website, new blog. Lots of reasons: just trust me, this way’s the best. How are things in the back garden today? Well, it’s making progress again. Today I’m just going to talk about the chickens, because they are always top of my mind. Chicken Lockdown The chicken flock,… Continue reading 22 April 2021

Coming soon

Sometimes it’s nice to honour the past, and carry it forward. Sometimes it’s just as nice to wipe the slate clean, and start over. Between 2018 and 2020 there were previous blog entries on Grow, Make, Mend. But I think I tried too hard to make them too formal, and struggled to get in the… Continue reading Coming soon